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She is not a good pianist: she is a GREAT pianist! By clicking Sign up, you agree to receive marketing emails from Insider Imagine 20 years into the future her (new) fans want to know what shes like when shes younger and all they could find are stupid discourses on her clothesI can already see the vitriol thats going to be poured on these journalists and critics. Some people consider prostitution as a venerable job like architecture or poetry, both like prostitution with a long history of thousands of years and stretching back to the dawn of civilization. God may inhabit the music, but not the people. I just love it how a bunch of old geezers here refer to this scrawny flat-nosed Asian miget as a beautiful woman. Surely, Sir, in the context: looking forward to the Leg-iti! Thats right, Ive turned into a fashion critic, wrote Norman Lebrecht, who described Wangs outfit as a micro-dress cut an inch below the butt. But this sexualised account couldnt be further from fashion criticism. Love live Yuja! If we consider that following Yujas trend, some male perfomers would follow her fashion and perform a piano concerto in a black tank top and wear a shorts, how would we feel about it? The people criticize this gifted musician are just jealous. Fortunately, its not up to you to decide who belongs and who doesnt. Se clearly thinks it is funny to see audiences reaction when she gets almost naked. Charlize Althea Garcia February 28, 2023 0. Enjoy your solitude. Listen with Music Unlimited. I really dont understand why people care about her clothes. About a pink dress that was girly and feminine but not all that sexy: Because of that dress, the little pink one, because its so different from everything Ive ever worn, I didnt really feel myself, and maybe that came through.. By the way, the beauty of personages in movies gives a distorted view of reality of life, and is a mere means to draw as many people as possible to the cinemas. And she DOES look gordious! At this moment the global. Give it a rest. Second, as a came-out homosexual, is it relevant for her at all how you old men think of her legs? SHE is the INVITED guest STAR!! It is always refreshing to see that human evolution does not proceed on one track. And pull it off rather dashingly, me thinks. Worth mentioning again, her outfits are still fairly conservative by the standards of many popular female musicians today (Kesha, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, etc.). Richter covered his in baggy trousers; Wang's are often bare and exposed. a truly great American performer does not matter what she plays. Interesting, how expensive couture can be so cheap. taking off her clothes Freudian slip, John? Why the visual obsession? Actually, burkas for both sexes would do recitals a lot of good. Shes a beautiful woman and an extremely gifted pianist. And also, should they shave or not shave their legs? Among several outstanding performances I attended by her, Prokofiev Piano Concerto 3 with Abbado is equalled only by Argerich. You dont know her Beethoven, Scriabin, Brahms, Stravinsky, Messiaen, Schumann, Liszt, Chopin, Rachmaninov, Mozart, Ravel, in solo, concerto, chamber music? Yuja Wang came out to play Prokofievs 5th last night with the National Symphony Orchestra in Washington. She was talking to Elle US. I suspect you are correct. Am I the little boy pointing at the (almost) nude piano player here or a kind of reversal of thatpointing out she has a good body for radio. We could use a few more of them, IMO. Brahms: Cello Sonata No. Hollywood Bowl - Hollywood. I actually finished the article all the way to the end to see if I could find something important. Now, I will give Yuja her due she does have an extraordinary technique, that allows her to excel in certain segments of the repertoire. a glossy black piano never fits the wooden stage? I would like to see her in concert where the orchestra suddenly stops playing, grabs her, and gang bangs her right on top of the piano in front of the audience. SFCM. For 2023, Sergei Rachmaninov's 150th year, superstar Chinese pianist Yuja Wang had chosen a mighty marathon: all four Rachmaninov piano concertos, plus his late Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini . So, it is quite possible that many female soloists will start wearing Yuja style outfits very soon, and when the audience gets used to it more, they will notice it less. I was there and the people loved her. By your logic, USA will be the most repressive country as there are so many people find it necessary to liberate themselves. Once again, imagery is confused by the establisment with substance. Norman its about time you stopped obsessing over the way she looks. Unfartunately bodily presence cuts both ways; my favorit pinist was a gruesomely ghastly hideous old horror to regard, (children fled), but if you listened past the visual. I guess she feels she cant do it, though, fully dressed. Yuja Wang (Chinese: ; pinyin: Wng Yji; born February 10, 1987) is a Chinese classical pianist.She was born in Beijing, began studying piano there at age six, and went on to study at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing and the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia. Yuja is free to be the person she wants to be. Artist-in-Residence at both the Czech Philharmonic and the Rotterdam Philharmonic in 2021/222, she has performed with the world's most venerated conductors, musicians and ensembles, and is renowned not only for her virtuosity, but her spontaneous and lively performances, famously . Personally? I dont understand why anyone cares what a performer wears. They remind me of a cabaret dancer, or a red light district joint bar waitress, or even a bondage practitioner. Perhaps wisely, Klaus Mkel kept the Oslo Philharmonic in a largely supporting role for the concerto, with plenty of individual instrumental quality, but overall orchestral levels low enough to let their star soloist shine. Ive attended a number of her concerts in NYC her Hammerklavier was a fiasco (especially when compared to Murray Perahias Olympian rendition of the same work a week before). (And note that Im not counting the opera stage, only the concert stage.). To cite just one example of more recent changes, attire of male conductors is far more varied now than it was just a few decades ago when virtually every one of them was wearing tales. There is a certain decorum related to the performance of art music. Nobody is sexualising Ms Wang. No, sir.she is your *honoured* guest! But might not her wonderful name be to some degree wasted on a female? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGa5qi-kBSE. The Washington Post calls her "arguably" the hottest pianist in the . (Twas worth it; just heard her in Aix-en-Provence! I remember one lackluster pianist who made a point of wearing red socks to distract you from the tedious shallowness of his playing. Ignoring the sensibilities (or sensitivity) of your audience, in exchange for boosting your confidence? Yuja is free to be the person she wants to be. Finally, I am amused by the fact that certain commenters here describe her as beautiful naturally, de gustibus non est disputandum, but THIS is your idea of beautiful woman ? The rest of the interview is interesting too. Yuja.Thank goodness there is a Yuja!! Se is an outstanding pianist, but her (beautiful) nude skin is distracting. Membership benefits will include a daily digest of stories delivered to your email, and occasional exclusive offers from our partners. I dont believe that Ms. Wang made any record that can be included into the Legend category. Really now. Does she first attract or seduce the audience by her attire, and is that what she wishes people to focus on while she walks on stage and poses at the piano ? Reading through several of the comments I cant help thinking of the supposed Islamic dresscode, of which it is said that men dictate about how women should dress in order not to be tempted by them and to be be taken serious. However, her dress code is disgusting for a classical musician. Nobody, thats who. No physical appearance can match musical sensuality, and because of the direct accessibility of musical bodily presence, any literal, physical attention drawing is merely distracting from the heart of the performance wich is its musical content and meaning. In my twenties, I'd. Yannick Nezet-Seguin, as a good pianist and an excellent conductor, conducted the entire concert with extraordinary precision, with beautiful musical phrasing and total . The only downside is how long can she keep it up? Argerich. Why on earth should I care why is someones outfit news? Besides Those are not undies. Unfortunately it often does. Maestro cull: Berlin chief is told to cut back, Ex-BBC boss is named in plan to cut Irish orchestras, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGa5qi-kBSE, Spanish violinist wins Berlin Philharmonic seat. Closer to the present, you might have mentioned Lilli Krauss, Martha Argerich (who is still wowing audiences at age 80), Helene Grimaud and Guiomar Novaes, among others. Or Karajan. I will let you know how it goes. For instance, for Ravels water sprite Ondine she could wear a long flowing white diaphanous robe; for Beethovens Pastorale Sonata she could wear a country maids outfit (or perhaps even a Bavarian Dirndl); in Liszts Czardas Macabre something entirely in black, with Goth makeup; and so on. From the Lebrecht Album of the Week: This, The mayor of Strasbourg has announced that the, The Observers foodie Jay Rayner does not go, The Spanish violinist Roxana Wisniewska was officially posted. Membership benefits will include a daily digest of stories delivered to your email, and occasional exclusive offers from our partners. However, if your eye has somehow complemented what has entered your ear and brain to process, how could that accompaniment be so horrible?!? http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/general-election-2017/parade-of-images-sees-internet-have-fun-with-theresa-may-35810222.html, http://www.irishnews.com/news/2016/10/29/news/arlene-foster-has-no-regrets-over-being-pictured-with-a-uda-commander-760193/. Yuja Wang and Her New York Marathon. Is he being paid by the word? Who around here is Richter? She forgot to mention that French music is light and gay, and Italian operas have a profusion of pretty tunes eye roll . She has lived in North America since she was 11 and spent her formative years there. Repeating the same statement without supporting it with any credible evidence does not make it true. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. I think Yuja is the piano genius of her generation, and seen her perform in NYC several time. But I guess this is what Mr. Lebrecht intended.

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