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I understand your process of writing songs. Seriously, Im really busy. You make your way to them, crossing your arms and hardening your features. But the raven haired woman doesnt answer, making Alex grumble and seethe as she can clearly see the glow of the lights coming from within the apartment. You were both tied up. Yeah. You try to clean your face, just so you can make space for the new tears that are coming. When you three feel ready, it might give you some healing to go back and make peace with what happened. His eyes focus on Alex in particular who shifts in her seat. Before the blondes feet hit the floor, words started to nervously spill out of the redheads mouth. Kara sniffs in his arms, wanting to bury her face into them but her eyes are fixed on her sister. Even if Winn gets overly exasperated to the point Ayla has to pull him back. Please! I. Robyn frowns at this sign of weakness being shown by the CEO. You came back in the kitchen to see your mom placing the table. _____________________________________________________________. You change out of your school clothes. I know and I will regret it for the rest of my life. "I am just annoying. "Please, take a deep breath. Robyn taps the surface of the island in time with a song on the radio while she sips her coffee. Im sorry I lied. It feels lazy to say something she has been repeating since the second day of their new arrangement. You go ahead, Director. They sit and roast marshmallows while drinking rich hot chocolate. Okay okay ! Not now. She watched as Lucy paced, her voice full of authority and frustration. Permanent Taglist: @natasharomanoffismywife @, DCEU Taglist: @stephanieromanoff @basiclesbianbitch @hi-i-1 @mmmmokdok @snipyloulou @acertainredhead @thanossexual @avengersz-biotch @kozumeko @un-name-d @kuzomekou-blog. Emma starts lip syncing perfectly to Robyns voice, something that is a bit jarring to everyone. Robyn woke up with a jump from feeling heavy licks and pressure on her torso. Because I sure as hell didnt, Alex snipped back as she flipped her hand up in annoyance. "Last night was nice," thought Alex, recollecting the night she spent with a woman she met at the alien bar. Alex: Y/N do you mind letting your sisters know that you are ok? She swallows and feels her throat, wanting to voice her words rather than sign them. But it all comes crumbling down when Kara wraps you up in her arms, picking you up from where you are, and moving to the couch with you. Here? Alex questioned, her words still full of frustration. All these and many other wonderful moments went through all the synapses of your brain before you decided to close the door one last time without ever opening it again. Im still hurting, she adds, with sadness and somewhat anger. Your anger, Alex said with a cocky smile as she stepped forth. I-I think your heat vision mightve hit me, too, was what she got out, wincing again as the pain fully set in. But? Fay prompts Robyn, who does look like she wants to ask another question. And they may kidnaped me because of my attached strings with supergirl.. Alex stewed. The raven haired woman tries to hold it together but her eyes fill with unwanted tears and a lump forms in her throat. After 10 minutes you entered a large room with a giant glass window offering a great view of the city. Your eyes are trained on whats written on his tombstone. They mostly walked in silence, enjoying each others company but they had also discussed how yesterday had gone and how they were both feeling. Afterwards the group decides to go down to the beach and build a bonfire to enjoy the crystal clear night. Sheldon Danvers. Sure, lets blame it on work, this sure is easier. I may disagree with you darling. Kara: Y/N! Were way past that. I spent hours holding her as she cried over you guys, how you treated her and made her feel worthless. She frowns at seeing the name of the song, Perfect Illusion.. She gently brushed her hand a few tangled stands from the sides of your face and she leaned over your bend form to rest her head on your back, giving you to the maximum of support and affection she could offer you. Her clothes were simple and not elegant as usual; jeans, a blouse, cuddly ankle boots and a flowing, long coat. How can he just be gone just like that? A series of one-shots focusing on the dynamic between Carol Danvers (Ms. Marvel) and Peter Parker (Spider-Man). Lena Luthor seemed close to a dropout, despite her calm demeanor. Shit. Her hand wandered between your shoulder blades, drawing soothing circles on your back before her hand finally came to rest on your shoulder and pulled you into a tight embrace. Before we discuss what is in front of us, Fay and I were both able to detect you were all holding back yesterday. She and Lena werent exactly on speaking terms and being out and about could damage Lenas image with the press, and Kara didnt want that. Theres no one around, but you make sure to check it three times before going inside. The music video, which shows Emma Danvers lip syncing, is believed to have been filmed in Egypt and was released at midnight UK time. Could you do a oneshot where Jeremiah is back (S2 Ep14) and joins family dinner but with b!d being not so happy to see him again because she was so devastated when she was gone? He seemed to have the same though because he asked. She sits next to you pulling you closer, and kissing the top of your head. Yes. Brainy responds. Lucy stood agape at Alexs smart ass remark, which quickly broke into a smile. The time was flying, too fast and no supergirl Lena was earning some minutes, secondes as much as possible, she didnt want to put you in danger but you were already. The camera swivels around and focuses on Emmas stoic expression. Clever. You cant say no. I just wanted you to know that.. He was too calm, too composed, he knew what he was doing. Oh, so did you not get any last night? Lucy taunted, and Alexs jaw dropped once more at the bold statement. Notes: prompt by @greysgirl2456, I hope i did ok with this one. Y/N just watched her sisters bicker happy to be spending time with them like this. Sweetheart? Morning. Robyn utters back coolly, causing Lena to turn and gaze at her. At that time there were other methods of protecting your children, most notably Y/n.". And reader is totally denying it the whole time, but kara sees right through her? Still not used to the new height difference. Wheres Emma? Kara asks with a frown as she notices her sisters absence. Y/N stared at the place where the vase had been standing just a moment ago, her mouth agape. it cant be done as fast as an omelet., You see, im a bad cook. He said with a smile. Ill always love you, my little ball of fur. Shit. Alex mutters. Did you not hear anything I just said? "Yes, I do. Both were pointing guns towards you and Lena and you could tell they wouldnt hesitate to use them. Some nights were more difficult than others on her, like tonight. That makes your heart beat faster. Well, it was more of a hunch and you cant plant bugs in someones home on a hunch. Lucy shrugs and winks at the singer. You stared at him one more time with disbelief; your eyes boring deep into him so that he had to swallow hard and had to improve his stance. Ever since she carved a goofy face and saw the candle light, this earthly tradition held a special place in her heart. Slowly Lena raises her head and stares sorrowfully at Alex. She doesnt need it there but still, its an awful feeling. Lena seemed to have the same thought because you see her tap discreatly on her phone. You nodded and she hugged you hard. She hears footsteps upstairs and knows the others will be down soon to begin the next session with Alistair. Theres-, Ill calm down when you give me a good reason for why Im here of all days because right now, Id rather be in my pajamas, passed out in bed.. Emma lowers her head for a moment, unsure how she can respond to that. You couldnt go on and tolerate everything he had done, eventually the capacity of lying and cheating was reached. . He managed to grab your arms and clasped your wrist tightly, so that you couldnt shake them off at first. (Courtesy of a @promptdumpster prompt that I happened to run into.). you tried to calm your hands, which were starting to tremble. Not your father, who just disappeared from one day to the next without telling anyone. I really wanted to give her a piece of my mind, but then I saw how broken she was and in a worse state than me. Of course she was in a particularly bad mood because Lena had to leave last minute for a business trip when Alex was very much looking forward to spending her day off with her, but she was pretty sure getting any, wasnt the reason why. And just by looking at you Im sure you are malnourished. Alex gives you her best mother voice, and you think of all the times shes done that before. I think Ill still keep them for a while, and theyll sure feel empty just like my apartment and my heart without you. Supergirl Alex x Daughter!reader Hip Surgery. Emma settles back and closes her eyes while she strokes Lilys fur. Unfortunately, recent events have started to reveal that maybe the couple are not as compatible as they once thought. Do you really want to leave?". There is a palpable tension in the air and she quickly tries to gather her thoughts. She had already figured out the reason for your disappearance when she got Karas desperate call for help and now she had confirmation of her suspicion. Exhausted and completely drained from the working day, the DEO agent was happy to be home again and to enjoy a nice rest of the evening with you. But as soon as she walked through the door, she was gripped by an uncomfortable cold and terrible silence she didn't knew. Alex swore she saw the womans veins popping out from her temple. Heres the part 3. Supergirl patrols from the sky thoroughly. You're going to read what happened to her on her Earth birthday and why she wasn't on Kara's Earth Birthday! I hope youll enjoy reading it ! "See you tonight at our place?" Other pets/doms to come. Jonn, Dominators are dangerous beings. Lena was doing pretty good, but Jonn was also amazing. "What? Are you alright? Eliza asks the brunette. She has taken a great liking to you. Fay smiles widely after hugging Emma. Summary: Y/N gets hurt while carving pumpkins with her sisters. The conversation lulled after that, all of them listening to the radio and just enjoying a moment to relax before they got home. Eliza begins preparing the drinks and Robyn sighs heavily as she rubs her forehead. But what she cant find is Lena, until she turns to the bedroom and notices the door is closed. Fuck sake. Alex slurs out and slams the lid of her laptop down. You go around your block with his favorite toy, making noises with it so he can hear you. Granted, you are in an emergency, but she uses the key all the time, emergency or not. What are you doing bitch ! Yelled the taller man. Their goodnights were exchanged with their friends and they promised to see them later. the black haired finally threw into the room with an even deeper voice and glared daggers at Jeremiah; the light color of her eyes turning into a deep dark green. I always wanted to make sure every milestone was recorded for each of my girls.. The trio leave and Robyn sits heavily on the stool at the island, resting her head on her fist. But Emma wont like Alex going through her things. Lena says with wide eyes and quickly follows them. You presumed he was their boss and the conversation, that occured then, confirmed your impression. We really just want to understand whats going on, baby. Told you. She said, taking a bite herself. She names him Marcus, and he immediately matures into a fully . I have an important meeting coming up.". Youre not ! Your older sister completely gets you. The woman then stepped into Alexs space. Your sisters have been texting you for days about game night, then sisters night, then a CatCo event, but all of their texts are left on seen. Maybe Kara or Alex/Maggie/Lena confront him when she runs out the door or something? Miss Luthor i think you will be more cooperative now you saw what im capable of. Rolling her eyes she storms over but before she slams open the door, she hears Lena sobbing through it. Discover more posts about baby danvers fanfiction. Youre safe. Robyn repeats over and over as she tries to soothe the agitated blonde. This is either a fake fridge or youve found out a way to live without food., Great, go around my apartment, why not? You mumble to yourself and groan when Kara closes your laptop. Kara jumped forward and scurried over to the broken vase, using her invulnerability powers to collect all the shards in record time and dumping them in the trash can Alex held out. You dont think its a good idea? When Lena lowers her chopsticks, resting them on her takeout box, Kara feels the oxygen leaving her lungs. "How did you find me?" Reluctantly, you sit next to her. I found a nice place for him. Kara assures you, hugging you sideways, so she is sure youre going to make it to the place without crumbling down. Jeremy, Elle, and Kara. Supergirl | Adventure Short Stories Future. You screamed : LENA ! you opened your eyes, ready to search for her when you heard her. If they sent the cops, you swear to God. Except there is one thing you learned with this particular group of people, the Superfriends, is that everything has to be done over food. Do you have something else to say? He nods, giving her permission to voice the seething thoughts in her mind. How can we move forward and help you see we were wrong? Sam asks while holding Alexs hand. i know i have prompts to write but i was in the mood to bring this back. Lenas, she said without missing a beat. Id like that. Lena gives her a small smile and the pair focus on the fire in front of them. You were running ot ouf breath, but he didnt care. 1 year. When Kara predictably gets herself into an impossible situation, can the couple repair their relationship AND help the super get back to herself? She was starring at you, locked her eyes with yours and you saw it, the passion, the love you couldnt believe in earlier. You heard screams and gunshots. Her chest stings with hurt at witnessing her things being rummaged through and her shame burns her cheeks. Youre on your way to the kitchen counter when you hear the doorbell. Did I mean them? Emma tilts her head, finishing Karas sentence for her. Yep! She said with the largest smile. Lost in your own thoughts, you did not notice the figure slowly creeping up at you, not before the dark, familiar voice spoke your name out loud and its shadow grew steadily beside your form. The silence is broken as Lena sniffs heavily and lowers her head into her hands.

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