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His 6 ft 5 in (196 cm) presence and face had him typecast as often brainless athletes, tough guys, thugs, and gangsters. Mike Mazurki has been died on Dec 9, 1990 ( age 82). A boxing promoter, Marshall Wright, served in the early years as managing director. Before him are Ann Todd, Maurice Cloche, Jules Roy, Barbara Kent, Willy Busch, and Ilias Tsirimokos. (1980), Murder, My Sweet (1944) -- (Movie Clip) The Smoke Didn't Move, Neptune's Daughter (1949) -- (Original Trailer), Murder, My Sweet (1944) -- (Movie Clip) You're A Private Eye, Blood Alley (1955) -- (Movie Clip) God's Footsteps. Iron Mike Mazurki Award. Highspots Wrestling Kon se o vkendu WrestleMania : WWNLive Supershow Mercury Rising : 2010- Rozlin WWNLive : Kon se o vkendu WrestleMania : WrestleMania Axxess : 1999- Rozlin Vince McMahon : WrestleReunion : 2005-2014 Rozlin Sal Corrente Wrestling Fans International Association 1969-1983 Rozlin Mike Gratchner At the core of the Cauliflower Alley Club was the friendship of Art Abrams and Mike Mazurki, which dated back to the 1950s, when Mazurki was becoming a film icon and still taking a lot of wrestling dates. Wrestling web design His roles included Splitface in Dick Tracy (1945), Yusuf in Sinbad the Sailor (1947), and Clon in It's About Time (1966-1967). "[2] Proceeds are raised for the fund during the annual reunion weekend. Surprisingly he played the lead in the children's nature-adventure film, "Challenge to Be Free" (1976). (1980), The Man with Bogart's Face Note: The name of actor and professional wrestler Mike Mazurki (1907-1990) is misspelled in the article about him as "Mike Mazurka." Addeddate 2020-06-22 03:38:28 Identifier official-wrestling-v-01n-04-1951-08-d-vs-m Identifier-ark Typecast as dull-witted, sharp-knuckled thugs in a score of supporting roles, because of his huge frame, coarse features and harsh voice, Mazurki created his first memorable character--Moose Malloy, the ex Dick Tracy 198384 Banquets for the first reunions under the newly reorganized CAC were held at the Valley Hilton Hotel in Sherman Oaks. . She is still worried about the lack of real (as opposed to celebrity) club members here. Mike Mazurki: Wrestling's acting champ. I hit back. (1951), Dark City Id pull hair. Mike Mazurki nel film Dick Tracy ( 1945) Mike Mazurki, pseudonimo di Mikhail Mazurkevych ( Ternopil', 25 dicembre 1907 - Glendale, 9 dicembre 1990 ), stato un attore e wrestler statunitense di origine ucraina . VIAF ID. Tony Vellano; Men's Wrestling Award "Doctor D" David Schultz; Men's Wrestling Award. His 6 ft 5 in (196 cm) presence and face had him typecast as often brainless athletes, tough guys, thugs, and gangsters. he was one of famous actor and professional wrestler with the age years old group. (1951), The Light Touch (LT13) MIKE MAZURKI GENUINE SIGNED AUTOGRAPH FAMOUS UKRAINIAN ACTOR WRESTLER. Bob Hope is life insurance salesman Farnsworth, in Missouri to buy back the policy he sold to Jesse James (Wendell Corey), whom he doesn't realize robbed his train earlier, and who visits with his bombshell fiance Cora (Rhonda Fleming), in the Western comedy, Dick Tracy (1945) -- (Movie Clip) Must Be The Fuse, First appearance for both Jane Greer (as "Judith") and Mike Mazurki (as "Splitface"), as Dick (Morgan Conway) and girlfriend Tess (Anne Jeffreys) visit first Jane's dad's restaurant, then his house where the villain lurks, in RKO's. American soldiers led by Cuffy (Robert Young) bivouaced at an English mansion, are less spooked than the title character (Charles Laughton) in Jules Dassin's, Ray Don, Mike Mazurki and the sublime Tom Poston in a scene (anticipating "The Matrix!") Die Ratte von Soho Sehen Sie sich den ganzen Film online kostenlos in Full HD an. (1944), Summer Storm . Alice grew up in the same neighborhood as the Bradys, graduating from Westdale High School . (1942), The Shanghai Gesture Membership at the time was considered questionable by many, until assurances of corrections were made. The winners danced on to 3,200 hours . The first CAC banquet was an informal affair held at Barons Castle, honoring Jim Londos, The Golden Greek. The menu was comprised of hot dogs, coffee and Cokes, but the turnout of legendary champions of wrestling and boxing made for a memorable occasion. Since 2007, the English Wikipedia page of Mike Mazurki has received more than 641,536 page views. Stars: Gene Tierney, Richard Widmark, Herbert Lom, Peter Butterworth, Edward Chapman, Hugh Marlowe, Mike Mazurki, Francis L Sullivan, Googie Withers, James Hayter, Charles Farrell, Stanislaus Zbyszko, Betty Marsden, Eliot Makeham, Maureen Delaney, Aubrey Dexter, Thomas Gallaghe Mike Mazurki prefers not to tell the details of marital status & divorce. Uploaded by Instead, she became the Tigress. She got the name from a match she fought in Mexicali in the 1930s when promoters brought in women wrestlers to boost house attendance. (1957), Comanche Its a solid silver mold of his left ear, which also serves as the clubs official symbol--its registered trademark. Alias Jesse James (1959) -- (Movie Clip) Where Can I Find Jesse James? The Cauliflower Alley Club was founded in 1965 by Mike Mazurki as a fraternal organization of professional wrestlers, boxers, and actors. Wrestler turned actor in tough guy roles. He used to perform at worlds fairs in the 1930s, getting out of straitjackets while doing back-flips faster, he swears, than Houdini. Migrated with his family to the United States at the age of six, he grew up in Cohoes, New York and attended LaSalle Institute in Troy. (1944), Shine on Harvest Moon Its about 3 p.m. as the Dunes restaurant gradually empties. Michelle Louise Mazurki, age 70, peacefully passed away on May 14th, 2019 in Pasadena, CA, surrounded by family and friends. Outside the squared circle he was dedicated to serving those in his wrestling brotherhood, and in the 1960s he founded the "Cauliflower Alley Club", a non-profit organization that awarded scholarships and financial assistance to retired or injured wrestlers and their families. (1943), Thank Your Lucky Stars This page was last edited on 4 February 2023, at 00:04. The club name and Mike Mazurkis cauliflower ear were registered as trademarks. What do you want us to do? they said, Go out there and get killed? . Watchlist. Possibly his best-known role was as the slow-witted but dangerously obsessed thug Moose Malloy in the lurid film noir Murder, My Sweet (1944). A former professional wrestler, Mazurki stood 6 5 tall, and normally played thugs, henchmen, gangsters, bouncers and other sorts of tough guys. Im just mean, I guess.. . 3/1/1938 - 10th Infantry Armory - Albany, NY Danno O'Mahoney vs Yvon Robert Bob Gregory vs Lester Ryan Joe Cox vs Ralph Garibaldi Mike Mazurki vs Rob Russell Jack League vs Leo Hyatt. GitHub export from English Wikipedia. Adventure 1975 1 hr 28 min. (1963), Donovan's Reef All rights reserved. [6][7], Trained as a professional wrestler he turned to acting after serving as Mae West's bodyguard. Mike Mazurki as Splitface. Sport (s) Wrestling. He also played Arthur Jacks in the memorable 1963 episode, "The Case of the Deadly Verdict." Before him are Arno Arthur Wachmann, Maurice Cloche, Marino Morettini, Harold Eugene Edgerton, Max Bulla, and Joe Mercer. He became a professional athlete in three sports, primarily wrestling but also American football and basketball. For a moment, all you can see in the glare is Mike Mazurkis silver ear swinging and flashing around her neck. (1949), The Devil's Henchman [5], After earning his bachelor's degree, Mazurki graduated from Fordham Law School and became an attorney. The deep red Leatherette banquettes are filling up. (1946), Live Wires (1950), Come to the Stable In 1964 he played Cully Barstow, a yacht hand, in an episode ofPerry Masontitled, "The Case of the Missing Button," in which he threatened Mason and Paul Drake with a set ofbrass knuckles. Some of his best known roles include Splitface in 1945's Dick Tracy and The Strangler in 1950's Night and the City. A spokesman for Glendale Adventist Medical Center said the 6-foot, 5-inch, 265-pound actor had several ailments and died of heart failure. In nearly 25 years, the group has grown to a 1,300-strong international club for boxers, wrestlers, show-business stunt people and celebrities--and even some of their fans. 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Dating is to describe a stage in a persons life when he or she is actively pursuing romantic relationships with different people. His roles included Splitface in Dick Tracy (1945), Yusuf in Sinbad the Sailor (1947), and Clon in It's About Time (19661967). Has any wrestler actually retired? by 2023 Turner Classic Movies, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Mostly men. A two-time All-American, he helped his team become District 12 Champions by bringing home third and fifth place finishes at the . On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. (1956), New Orleans Uncensored I was an endurance dancer, Jack Stanley tells Gus Pherson, the child star from Our Gang, who is sitting next to him. . Among actors, Mike Mazurki ranks 5,851 out of 9,996. 20032004 The CAC moves the reunion to the Plaza Hotel/Casino on Fremont Street, as the attendance sets new records. He played a wrestler nicknamed "The Strangler" in Night and the City (1950) and a role imitating the manner of a George Raft henchman in the Billy Wilder comedy, Some Like It Hot (1959). . Sometimes Credited As: Michael Mazurki Birth name Michail Mazuruski Height 6' 6" (1.98 m) Spouse Sylvia Weinblatt (1968 - 9 December 1990) (his death) Jeanette Briggs (1943 - 1950) (divorced) 2 daughters [1] [2] The first annual reunion dinner was held at the Baron's Castle Buffet Restaurant in Los Angeles, California. $800,000 Mike Mazurki Bio/Wiki, Net Worth, Married 2018 With an intimidating face like craggy granite and a towering 6'5" solid frame, Mike Mazurki (born Mikhail Mazuruski or Mikhail Mazurkiewicz) was one of cinema's first serial thugs and specialized in playing strongarm men, gangsters and bullies for over 50 years on screen. Mike Mazurki (December 25, 1907 - December 9, 1990), born Mikhai Mazurkiewicz, was an Austrian-born American actor and professional wrestler who appeared in over 100 movies. Your account has been locked for 30 minutes due to . (1962), Swingin' Along (1967), Seven Women You should come to our annual reunion banquet. Cauliflower Alley Club Iron Mike Mazurki Award (2004) Pro Wrestling Illustrated Manager of the Year (1972. The wrestler was born on June 30, 1944, in Hammond, Indiana, to Dorothy and Dory Funk. Miles Mander plays the elderly husband. Houdini was never near that!. First Man Outside Barber Shop (uncredited), Tall Policeman Bending Over Petroff (uncredited), New Orleans Audience Admirer (uncredited), technical adviser: wrestling - uncredited / technical advisor: wrestling - uncredited. Mike Mazurki (December 25, 1907 - December 9, 1990), born Mikhai? matches that included Mike Mazurki, Marvin Mercer, and Chief Don.. Stampede Wrestling was a professional wrestling promotion based in Calgary, Alberta from . The Undertaker left his hat in the ring at WWE WrestleMania 33, but quickly realised the folly of his ways. After him are Frantiek Douda, Allen Collins, Wadysaw Rubin, Jadwiga Wajs, June Christy, and Ludwig Lachmann. Its a common price for the rough-and-tumble life of these practitioners of mans--and womans--oldest sport. He was an outstanding athlete, becoming a professional wrestler, basketball player and football player. His slurred speech was reportedly due to a wrestling injury to hisAdam's apple. (1965), Cheyenne Autumn Rvu.nl. June 28, 1948 - May 14, 2019 Michelle Louise Mazurki, age 70, peacefully passed away on May 14th, 2019, in Pasadena, CA, surrounded by family and friends. , The difference between wrestlers and boxers, says Joe Palumbo, a one-time boxer and now a promoter, is that wrestlers are one big family. (1977), Mad Bull I made it. 20112019 More great memories made at The Gold Coast Hotel and Casino. His 6ft 5 in (196cm) presence and face had him typecast as often brainless athletes, tough guys, thugs, and gangsters. His towering 6' 5" presence and intimidating face usually got him roles playing tough guys, thugs, strong men, and gangsters. Structural Info Trademarks Facts Pictures Best remembered as the lumbering, intense yet soft-hearted Moose Malloy in the classic 1945 film-noir adaptation of. She lives at the Brady House. Born in Glendale, CA, on June 28, 1948 to Mike Mazurki, well known TV and film character actor and Jeannette Briggs Mazurki, a syndicated columnist for the Copley Newspapers for over 30 years. Later, Mike said that he met more famous people in the making of that video than in any of the feature films or TV shows in which he'd starred. He also played a wrestler called "The Strangler" inNight and the City(1950). Mike Mazurki Overview Career Titles Matches Match Statistics Movies Ratings Comments Personal Data Birthplace: Tarnopol, Ukraine Day of death: 09.12.1990 (at the age of 82) Cause of death: natrlicher Tod Gender: male Height: 6' 5" (196 cm) Weight: 251 lbs (114 kg) Background in sports: Basketball, Football Career Data Alter egos: Mike Mazurki Its a colorful bunch. Membership eventually grew to 3,000 worldwide. Professional heavyweight wrestler turned character actor. Trailed by an inglorious history of go-nowhere schemes, he tries to hatch a lucrative plan with a famous wrestler. Alone. His family moved from Austria to America when he was a child. Mazurki was discovered by Josef von Sternberg and made his screen. In 1964, he played Cully Barstow, a yacht hand, in "The Case of the Missing Button", an episode of Perry Mason in which he threatened Mason and Paul Drake with a set of brass knuckles. It came naturally. Mike Mazurki (Michail Mazuruski) was born on 25 December, 1907 in Tarnopol, Galicia, Austria-Hungary [now Ternopil, Ukraine], is an Actor, Miscellaneous. Available on iTunes. So I stopped (crying). 1,400 hours! MIke Mazurki starred for La Salle Institute in Troy, New York in football and basketball. Mostrar ms. Austrian-American actor and professional wrestler whose large physique lead to him often playing gangsters, strongmen and other intimidating types. Second wife; died on October 18, 1997 at age 81. (1972), The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin Gross tubs? 2023 - Our host hotel and casino, the Plaza, can be seen in several movies, including the 1971 James Bond film, "Diamonds are Forever;" the 1989 film "Back to the Future Part II;" the 1995 move "Casino," and the 2000 movie "Pay it Forward.". Mike Mazurkiewicz, Havre, still holds the record for the most wrestling wins (127) in Northern's history. Id hit with closed fists. Typecast as dull-witted, sharp-knuckled thugs in a score of supporting roles, because of his huge frame, coarse features and harsh voice, Mazurki created his first memorable character--Moose Malloy, the ex-convict seeking his lost love--in the film noir "Murder, My Sweet" (1944). If two unmarried celebrities are seen in public together, they are often described as dating which means they were seen in public together, and it is not clear whether they are merely friends, exploring a more intimate relationship, or are romantically involved. 1998. 1930: Mikhail Mazurski graduated from Manhattan College top of his class with a BA degree.. Mikhail Mazurski played football for the Wessington-Passiac, New Jersey Red Devils of the American Football Association.. Mikhail Mazurski appeared in over 100 hollywood movies as well as over 40 television appearances.. Mike Mazurki was the President of the Cauliflower Ally Club from 1965 to 1991.. December 9, 1990: Mike Mazurki passed away just after his 83rd birthday survived by his second wife Sylvia Weinblatt.. If I can trust my instincts and my memory, every movie Mike Mazurki (1907-1990) is in is a good movie. Mazurki was born inTarnopol,Galicia, Austria-Hungary(nowTernopil, Ukraine). He was directed by Billy Wilder in the 1959 comedy classic Some Like it Hot. I always took the bad-guy role. I didnt care. (Heart failure) A wrestler turned movie tough guy, Mazurki was 6'6" tall, and he graduated at the top of his class (1930) from Manhattan College, with a Bachelor of Arts degree. And that only got us third place. Mike Mazurki was born on December 25, 1907 in Ukraine. In the 1945 feature film Dick Tracy (starring Morgan Conway), Splitface was a man named Alexis Banning. Some of his best known roles include Splitface in 1945's Dick Tracy and The Strangler in 1950's Night and the City. Born. During the early years on the club, the CAC . 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