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August 1, 2021 The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has joined Atlanta police in the investigation surrounding the murder of Katie Janness, 40, and her dog in Piedmont Park, according to 11 Alive. Katherine Janness, 40, was found stabbed and dismembered near the Charles Allen entrance to Piedmont Park after 1 a.m. Wednesday. NOBODY is immune from the possibility of becoming the victim of a serial killer. What, if anything, more could we take a look at to make sure that we have examined everything possible to make sure that the person or people responsible are being held accountable, Bottoms said in her announcement of the DNA findings. It would seem straight, white, male professionals are relatively safe from serial killers. Those thoughts were all the time it took me to make my decision to face my advisary. Police have been canvassing the Piedmont Park area and are doing what they can but this requires our vigilance. forgot to mention, I was not drunk but he was. If you know your going swing for your crime your going think about what your doing. Kayla (@kaylassimonee) August 1, 2021 see, I wanted to go to Atlanta for my birthday.. but since theres a serial killer on the loose I may have to go back to the drawing board ' Son of sam is man of god now he says!! He himself was often molested too, and Lopez claimed that these events significantly affected his psyche. The Rainbow Maniac was a serial killer in Carapicuiba, Brazil who targeted gay men. Did you encounter any technical issues? Chris Pedota and Christopher Maag, USA TODAY, The claim: Aserial killer is targeting women in Atlanta. The reasons its most difficult to catch serial killer/killers could be those who are politicians/authorities/priests/nuns/professionals and etc. Thank you for supporting our journalism. 90 Day Fianc Spoilers: Kelly Brown Reveals Nasty Derogatory Racist Message From Mollys Daughter Olivia, Prince Harry Wants To Talk To His Family Before Charles Coronation Dont Think William Or Charles Will, Says Kinsey Schofield, 90 Day Fianc Spoilers: Yara Zaya Reveals Her Weight-Loss Fail Dont Know Why Im Drinking Starbucks, Madonna Hooks Up With Boxing Coach 35 Years Younger, Jeff Jarrett Feels Next Breakout Star In AEW Will Be Based On Microphone Skills, Not Moves. Although I am sure we all agree that prostitutes and many drug addicts put their selves in very vulnerable situtations constantly (which by no means makes it ok for them to be abused in any way by anyone!) Given all the evidence the smiley face killers are most likely an cult occult group. Muddling the case further, an investigative reporter later stated the person (or people) responsible for these killings were most likely part of law enforcement. The Atlanta Police Department issued a statement on July 30saying there have been "many rumors and much speculation" surrounding a recent slaying. and before anyone comments about me bringing up white college boys, im only going off of the victms relativity to one another, yes other people men and women and all races rape so please no one lose their shit over my comment. There have already been 64 homicide cases, which puts Atlanta on track for another record-setting year of homicides. Judge mental people that dont know struggles of addiction would degrade or insult the memory of the women who escorted, tricked, hooked, dated, sex workers, prostitutes or whatever you want to refer to them as does not make them any less human or deserving to live. Now more than ever, the people who live in this area, and potentially anyone who knows information that could be helpful about the case, needs to speak up. The Maniac was never caught and probably still remains out there today. Providing in any way u feel that u can is what matters. During this investigation, HCPD arrested 3 suspects who were all charged with Murder. I stepped back into the shower and thought to myself what am I going to do? I got robbed trying to buy some weed like 12:00am I got off work late and was not going home went out it all of my suppliers was put up for night I saw a fimilar face and asked the guy to sell me some because I know he got it (doesnt mean he a sell it I know I was feenin damn) so I went to store to use ATM come out the guy has nature grass in a bag and hands it to me after I give him money ($40)with his gun clutching and said you over with boy and walked off I follow of course to sneak him but he turned around and points it and said leave him alone ikr bastard has my shit and said leave him alone so I did that being said WE PUT OURSELVES IN SITUATION (sometimes).stay aware and always stay safe Ill never buy weed at night from someone I think is Kool Love all and BLMASM all soul matters. Janness, 40, was found stabbed to death in the park in the early hours of. Bill Chappell Everyone Practices Cancel Culture | Opinion, Deplatforming Free Speech is Dangerous | Opinion. Here are 9 current serial killers who are still at large. Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms says a Utah laboratory will examine DNA evidence from a string of killings committed during the 1970s and 1980s. Winston Mosley, the guy who was convicted of killing Kitty Genovese, was a serial killer, whod kill his women victims and then rape them. Check out our limited edition horrortees & true crime merch! Want to keep our site ad-free? Its not just the USA where serial killers go uncaught, it happens all over the world. I started screaming and fighting him. Nigeria is a very religious country, and such cannibalistic acts have deep primal associations. We are investigating leads that we have of additional potential victims that may be out there.. Thats correct, said Henry County police Captain Randy Lee. I am a 44 year old male and Ive been on the streets of Philadelphia many times over the past 24 years because of a heroin addiction and that put me with a lot of young women who were some of the most beautiful and caring women Ive ever known and many have died from overdoses sadly I know that I would have given my own life to save the women that Ive known out there. Has anyone considered the possibility that Brazils Rainbow Maniac killer is a female? Regardless of who, what. 2021 is proving to be just as dangerous with the same percentage of increase in cases. He found a small colonized area of decrepit buildings, and inside there were over twenty rotten corpses and severed human skulls, and most terrifyingly, The 29 Most Gruesome Unsolved Murders In History, Signs of a Serial Killer: 11 Common Serial Killer Traits, 9 Currently Active Serial Killers: Unsolved Cases in 2022, The Best True Crime And Serial Killer Documentaries Worth Binge Watching In 2022, The World's Most Famous Serial Killers And Murderers, Night Stalker: The Life And Death Of Richard Ramirez, Ed Gein: The Gruesome True Story that Inspired The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Investigators have yet to determine motives or make arrests in either case as of Tuesday. To catfish a killer: How Khalil Wheeler-Weaver was stopped. Yea, like thats gonna happen. I left the water running as I decided to face whoever was out there. Police found crude pornographic drawings on the walls near where every body was found. Rust Shooting Aftermath: Halyna Hutchins Family Filing ANOTHER Lawsuit Against, Netflix Cancels The Baby-Sitters Club After Just Two Seasons Heres, Netflixs Stranger Things Will Reportedly END After Season Five, 1982 Animated Film The Last Unicorn Getting Live-Action Remake. So, whoever the Rainbow Maniac might be is still out there, and its very possibly hes gotten away with murder. Details of the agencys involvement were not immediately provided. Showtime - The Killers. A Warner Bros. Cobb County police now saw the woman who was arrested in connection to a childs body found floating down the Chattahoochee River, is the boys mother. The Long Island Serial Killer One New York serial killer has been plying his grisly trade for over twenty years now, killing at least ten victims between 1996 and 2010, and possibly more we haven't yet discovered. It was a life needlessly lost, two lives in this case or was it more than two lives? A wannabe serial killer who was in middle school when he fatally slit the throat of a 14-year-old classmate has died behind bars in Florida, online records show. ATLANTA PARK MURDER: FBI JOINS HUNT FOR SUSPECT IN BRUTAL STABBING OF WOMAN, DOG. Tori Lang, 18, was also found shot to death at Stone Mountain last week. There is currently a $10,000 reward being offered to anyone with information on Janness' murder; call APD Homicide at 404-546-4235 or Crime Stoppers at 404-577-TIPS with any information. Also known as the Danilovsky Maniac, the Maniac with Dull Eyes was a Russian serial killer responsible for at least seven murders between 2004 and 2007. For your information, I was sexually assaulted in BROAD daylight on a Saturday in 2018 while grocery shopping. They are classified and housed accordingly! Police have been canvassing the Piedmont Park area and . A couple of Atlanta, Georgia, serial killers who have not been identified include the "Atlanta Ripper," who killed almost 20 African-American women from 1911 to 1915, and the Atlanta Child Murderer(s), who were responsible for killing at least 25 African-American children and adults from 1979 to 1981. The claim that a serial killer in the Atlanta areais targeting women is FALSE, based on our research. However, the kicker is that these drownings happening in 11 different states. He got his arm around me from behind when I turned to run. 45 colleged-aged males across a 20-year span. I didnt even think about it " thanks but no I just live right up around the corner" and off I head. Updated March 18, 2021 5:01 AM ET Originally published March 17, 2021 11:05 AM ET. At any one time, its believed that there are around 25-50 active serial killers lurking in the dark corners of the USA, stalking the streets and highways for their next potential victim. Be the first to know about new products, discounts & content. Detectives told Channel 2s Tyisha Fernandes that the remains belong to two different people. UPDATE: Atlanta, GA (March 1, 2023) - The man involved in this officer involved shooting has been identified Osiris Rashad Solomon Bennett, age 23, of Atlanta. Investigators said the remains were found in a wooded area behind the shopping center along Oakwood Manor Drive in Stockbridge. This is so scary (Atlanta Police Department). Between 1979 and 1981, the Atlanta metro area was terrorized by a serial killer who primarily targeted young black children and teenagers, as well as a handful of adults. Copy link. Eight of them were women, allescorts who used Craigslist to advertise their services. The body of Tori Lang was found in Yellow River Park in suburban Gwinnett County on July 27, 2021, authorities said. Brutal killing of a woman and her dog in an Atlanta park reignites the debate over city's growing crime problem By Tim Craig September 16, 2021 at 8:00 a.m. EDT Katherine Janness, left, and. Put on a robe and waited for them. Much of the information is inaccurate and some is completely false. Officer Steve Avery, of the Atlanta Police Department, said in an email to The Associated Press that the killing of the woman in Gwinnett County is "not related to the incident in Piedmont Park.". rudy, you are bored because you lack the intelligence of a one cell organism. We only hear about a fraction of the violent crimes. It helps criminals while preventing law abiding citizens from defending themselves (banning certain knives because theyre used by bad guys in movies lol and making guns barely usable with limited ammo and huge rudders welded to the grips). After two women were found dead in Atlanta-area parks last week, false reports spread on social media suggesting a serial killer was on the loose. WSB-TV Channel 2 - Atlanta facebook feed(Opens a new window), WSB-TV Channel 2 - Atlanta twitter feed(Opens a new window), WSB-TV Channel 2 - Atlanta instagram feed(Opens a new window), WSB-TV Channel 2 - Atlanta youtube feed(Opens a new window), Reality star Honey Boo Boo was inside speeding Dodge Charger involved in chase with Ga. deputies, Deputies arrest 2 coworkers of a man who was found dead in a Ga. hotel pool, Saving Private Ryan actor Tom Sizemore dies after brain aneurysm at 61, A 17-year-old Gwinnett County girl thought she was taking Percocet; now shes dead, Channel 2 Action News takes you inside the spot where emergency calls came flooding in. 18 March 2021. Police say the body of. Although never tried for the additional murders, he is also believed to be responsible for at least 24 of the 30 Atlanta murders of 1979-1981, also known as the Atlanta Child Murders. Our fact-check work is supported in part by a grant from Facebook. The man that was hiding in my closet stepped out and grabbed me. "They take each of their cases very seriously, spending countless hours working to identify and apprehend those responsible. They always crying and say there sorry for crimes and would big them back. Georgia Bureau of Investigation Press Releases. Perhaps most creepily, however, is that with each scene the killer left a calling card. Like, some of yall seem like you might have committed some of these crimes, and then some are just offering their theories. Read more: Signs of a Serial Killer: 11 Common Serial Killer Traits. I have to agree with removing the voice of words for the women that were killed. Rumors spread just as much. That Piedmont park Murder was more brutal than what they are disclosing with us. The Real Life Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Ed Gein. Police told Channel 2s Mark Winne they arent ruling out a possible serial killer in this case. So many opinions to labeling women who become victims, most ladies of the night are in some way addicts wether drugs or alcohol. Newsweek was directed by Atlanta Police to a statement issued on July 30 addressing rumors and misinformation, in which they state, "There have been many rumors and much speculation surrounding this case, both among members of the public as well as internally. In 2002, Lopez was suspected of being responsible for a new murder. After initially uncovering four bodies, police widened their search and discovered another six. My intruder was in his mid to late 20s possibly early 30s, extremely good looking. Henry County police continue investigating remains found Tuesday. Part 1: How a Black serial killer turned the Atlanta streets into a Bloodbath with dozens of dead children. Police were naturally skeptical of such a claim, but Lopez led police to a mass grave where they found the remains of 53 of his victims. Confronting A Serial Killer: With Jillian Lauren, Anthony M. Walker, Alena Acker, Ron'Netta. 2023 Cable News Network. Also never go hiking alone or in a small group (2-3)unless you have 2 people carrying concealed. "I don't want it be stained with things that you're hearing now, I want you to focus on the joy and love of Katie. I crush my cereal with out mercy before eating it, am I a cereal killer? Britney Spears Is In a Deep Depression, Says Her Kids Wont Talk To Her At All, 90 Day Fianc Spoilers: Yohan Geronimo and Daniele Gates Share Vacation Photos Amid Her Bankruptcy. The guy who picked these women up was also a serial killer. Plus, why Atlanta police decided to reopen the case in early 2019. Usually when FBI gets involved in murder cases its something serious. Your effort and contribution in providing this feedback is much A lot of the newer prisons dont house as many inmates as I listed above but there are still some old jails that do. If there is any justice to be served, we can only hope they come forward. 2023 Cable News Network. This same weekend, Atlanta passed a grim marker of more than 100 homicides in 2021 so far. . Even if its not a serial killer, one murder is one too many. the park said in a statement on Facebook. I feel sorry for those who believe God doesnt exist, Ill pray for your soul. Checking these comments. Atlanta police said at the time he was responsible for most of the child murders. One victim had been missing for 40 days, but the deterioration of his corpse was nowhere near consistent with someone who had been in water for 6 weeks. This caused the intruder to push me out of the way and he ran out the front door jumping off my balcony. Did you encounter any technical issues? Whoever made this comment about jewish propaganda you are wrong about that and I cannot believe in 2022 that antisemitism is still being allowed. FACT FOCUS: False reports of serial killer in Atlanta area 1 / 2 Atlanta-Park-Stabbing A makeshift memorial to Katherine Janness is seen at the entrance to Piedmont Park on Sunday, Aug. 1,. In Japanese culture, sometimes peoplewill place the Oronamin C drink on top of the vending machine for someone else to take if they didnt want it themselves. Interestingly, the victims had several things in common. All comments are moderated before being published. Especially years later reading about Bundy and the other serial killer working the Gainesville area at that time. Janness had dinner with her wife Tuesday night before saying she was going to walk the dog, a police source told CNN affiliate WSB-TV. This was also the case for multiple other victims. When authorities looked into the circumstances surrounding these poisonings, they found that most of the victims had one thing in common: theyd recently consumed the drink Oronamin C. Around the same time, the company behind Oronamin C had launched a marketing campaign offering free bottles of the drink from vending machines whenever someone made a purchase. Some people feel they have no options or even feel insecure and not good enough. In the first case, the body of 40-year-old Katherine Janness was discovered around 1 a.m. on July 28 in Piedmont Park in the citys Midtown neighborhood. In thesecond case, Tori Lang, 18, was found shot to death in Yellow River Park, near Stone Mountain, around dawn that same day. Some of the social media posts also mention a supposed third killing in the nearby city of Norcross, Georgia, but police there are investigating no such reports. Janness was taking her dog Bowie for a walk when they both were brutally stabbed to death. I was dressed extremely conservatively and didnt even know my attacker. "HCPD is currently investigating whether the remains are related to another investigation that began on 7/9/2021 which occurred at the Hudson Bridge Town Homes in Stockbridge. 2023 FOX News Network, LLC. The last surveillance footage that was seen of Katie was of her walking her dog, Bowie, near the rainbow crosswalk at 10th and Piedmont Avenue. circa fall/winter 1978? Laughable since it means youre put on death row and have a nice hotel room. Crimes in Georgia [DOWNLOAD: Free WSB-TV News app for alerts as news breaks]. Its theorized that the killer possibly has a law enforcement background judging by how hes managed to elude capture for so long. DNA shows toddler found in Chattahoochee was son of woman arrested in his death. Given each victims history, this isnt too implausible. A girl walking home from school like she has every day has no way of knowing if the car that just passed her has a serial killer in it that is stalking young school girls. Unfortunately the chase for there drug has put them in some tough situations but never blame victims, these opportunist are predators who watch, follow and strike at most opportune time. FACT FOCUS: False reports of serial killer in Atlanta area. Some serial killers break into peoples houses to get their victims. Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now. While law enforcement officials in Atlanta have denied rumors of an active serial killer being on the loose in the city following the slaying of two women, the investigations into those two cases are still ongoing. Fiber evidence was re-analyzed in all 30 of the cases, and investigators also extended the timeline from 1970 to 1985 to ensure any additional children or victims are not overlooked, the mayor said. Correspondent Steve Harrigan gives the latest on the homicide investigation involving an Atlanta woman and her dog found stabbed to death in a city park. Law enforcement say the killings are not related and there's no reason to believe they are the work of one person. Mutual Fund and ETF data provided by Refinitiv Lipper. Collins Parker, By JEFF MARTIN and TERRENCE FRASER Associated Press. Investigators said the remains were found in a wooded area behind the shopping center along Oakwood Manor Drive in Stockbridge. While the case remains unsolved, police do have two major suspects. Discovery Company. Japans infatuation with vending machines is widely acknowledged. Janness, 40, and her dog Bowie were identified as the victims of a brutal stabbing Wednesday in midtown Atlanta's Piedmont Park on Wednesday night. 12:58 AM EDT, Sat July 17, 2021. These things are real and people need wake up. Just worry about the ones they dont know about. Share. Wouldnt doubt serial killers look at pages like this, trolling to see people talking about them. "Anyone who would kill a . They can, however, display more rage than average run of the mill men, out of the blue, though. However, thats all we know. While the term serial killer usually conjures up images of people like Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy and Richard Ramirez, there are a whole host of other serial killers who are perhaps even more terrifying for the sole reason theyve never been caught. Market data provided by Factset. However, Williams was charged not in the youngsters slayings, but in the murders of Nathaniel Cater and Jimmy Ray Payne, both adults whose bodies had been discovered in the Chattahoochee River. 03/17/2023 Mohegan Sun Arena Uncasville, CT BUY. Joseph Blea was a known rapist in the area, and when police invaded his home, they found a stash of womens jewelry and underwear. Officials moved forward with that process on June 21, Bottoms said. If you dont live in the Atlanta area then you probably wont know the name of Katie Janess. ATLANTA After two women were found dead in Atlanta-area parks last week, false reports spread on social media suggesting a serial killer was on the loose. I stepped out of the shower and observed a shadow move across the bedroom window which was now leaning up against the wall where the window had been. Henry County police and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation are now trying to identify who the remains belong to. The details then a little hazy after this, with different sources reporting different stories, but what is confirmed is that Pedro Lopez was set free from prison in 1994, despite racking up one of the highest body counts in known history.

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